Discover the Benefits of BODY Reflexology!

R-03A Body Reflexology:Healing at Your Fingertips (Convenient Paperback new cover, updated charts) $16.99 SPECIAL $13.99

This book tells how to take charge of your life by using various techniques of Reflexology, and other self-care healing methods that are easy to apply.

  *  Techniques for stress reduction and complete relaxation.
Clear easy-to-follow information that can improve your well-being, your family’s health,
your pets state of health.

  *  Tips on how to protect yourself from premature aging by using Nature’s wonderful healing
      forces of promoting cellular regeneration.
  *  Learn how Reflexology works to help balance the body so that it can heal itself, both
      mentally and physically.

Learn various natural ways to improve your health with simple, accurate, do-it-yourself techniques of hand, foot, and body Reflexology. Read proven methods of how to benefit from nutrition, caster oil packs, deep breathing, yoga, eye exercises and more. Many tips to help you feel better, and live a healthier life. Read this book and discover your own ability for natural healing.



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