Dear Friends,

My name is Mildred Carter. I am not a doctor but for over 40 years, I have been helping people receive remarkable relief from seemingly hopeless aches and pains all over the body with a method which you can use too, called REFLEXOLOGY.

Reflexology is a method for healing the whole Body. As explained in my books, Reflexology is nature's push button secret for regaining vibrant health and youthful vigor for the rest of your life. By rubbing and pressing on certain areas, one gets almost immediate relief in other parts of the body.

Why? Because the feet and hands contain reflexes which lead like telephone lines to all parts of the body, and by pressing them, you help restore normal circulation and health to congested areas. No one can guarantee a cure, nor is it a medical substitute, but I have seen it straighten whole bodies and bring them back to normal health in a very short period of time. Many troublesome aches, pains, and illnesses have been helped with this simple method of working the reflex pressure points. You will find full details of this amazing method of healing in my books.

Reflexology is a safe, natural, and inexpensive way to help restore healthful circulation to every area of the body. It is the "drugless" way to better health, requiring no exercise and no expensive equipment of any kind. It is so simple and natural that it is safe to use on almost everyone. Reflexology is a rejuvenator that can win you many years of new youth and life.

As you gain a deeper understanding of how powerful Reflexology is, you will appreciate how it contributes to your wellness, how it balances the overall functioning of the body, and how it enhances the body's remarkable ability to repair itself!"

Blessings for your good health,
Mildred Carter

Sadly for us, Mildred is now in her Heavenly home. She touched many with her love and devotion to natural healing. She was a fun loving and exciting person to be around. She always encouraged happiness and a positive attitude. She passed peacefully, without pain, in her home with family around her. Her pioneering spirit, zest for life, and sense of humor will be greatly missed here at home, and around the world:

May she always be remembered in our hearts!

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