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Qty. Item # Product Price Total


R-03A Body Reflexology: Healing At Your Fingertips $13.99
R-02A Hand Reflexology: Key to Perfect Health $13.99
R-01A Healing Yourself with Foot Reflexology $13.99
R-03T One Touch Healing (with charts) $17.99
R-030 2 - 4 One Touch Healing $11.50
R-03F 5 - 9 One Touch Healing $8.00
R-03S 10 - 14 One Touch Healing $7.00
R-03L 15 or More One Touch Healing $5.00


S-03 Dial-A-Wish $7.99
S-032 Dial-A-Wish, Two $13.99
S-092 Golden Treasure Map, Two $7.99
R-142 Hand & Foot Reflex Charts $6.99
R-064 Magic Reflex Special (4 Magic Reflexers) - SOLD OUT $29.96
R-06 Magic Reflexer $8.99
R-48 Circulation Brush - SOLD OUT $6.99
R-07 Magic Reflex Probe $7.99
R-092 Reflex Clamps - SOLD OUT $7.99
R-11 Reflex Comb, One $5.99
R-112 Reflex Comb, Set of Two $9.99
R-08 Reflex Rollo - SOLD OUT $13.99
R-16C Reflex Tool Collection - SOLD OUT $74.99
R-16H Reflexology Tool Collection with Add-a-Book Bonus - SOLD OUT $88.99
R-15 Stirling's Reflex Gift Special - SOLD OUT $34.90
R-10 Stirling's Reflex Roller - SOLD OUT $23.99
R-54 Stirling's Rollo Gift Set - SOLD OUT $29.90
H-09B Stirling's Tongue-Wand (Royal Blue) - SOLD OUT $5.99
H-09P Stirling's Tongue-Wand (Hot Pink) - SOLD OUT $5.99
R-13 Theraputic Grip Ball $6.99


H-02B Blue Flexology Ball $7.99
H-02 Purple Flexology Ball $7.99

Skin Care

B-23 Aloe Vera Creme $9.99
H-116 Cellular Detox Bath, 17 ounces $13.99

Health Care

H-85 Kidney-Bladder Herbal Formula, 100 capsules $10.99
H-52 Kwan Loong Oil, 2 fluid ounces $9.99
H-07 Lydia Pinkham, Liquid, 8 fluid ounces $10.99
H-07A Lydia Pinkham, Liquid, 16 fluid ounces - SOLD OUT $17.99
H-08 Lydia Pinkham, Tablets, 150 count $19.99
H-123 The Original Pressure Point Bands, Two Gray Wristbands - SPECIAL - SOLD OUT $3.99


S-21 Premium 10 Stage Water Filter $114.99
S-22 Premium 10 Replacement Filter $69.98
S-122 Premium Shower Filter $39.99
S-123 Shower Replacement Cartridge $25.99
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Ashalnd, Oregon 97520
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