Reflexology is Nature’s Way to Perfect Health!

Reflexology in Nature

"By the correct technique of working reflexes, you can reactivate the body’s natural process of rejuvenation (regeneration of cells) and bring new life to those already deteriorating. Thus open the door to a different way to health, vitality and the joy of living, regardless of your age." says Mrs. Carter in one of her best selling books.
Now you can unlock the power to heal naturally...with Reflexology!

With the stimulating power of Reflexology, it is possible to build resistance to disease, overcome fatigue, have more youthful energy, and achieve relief from mental and nervous tension, almost immediately."
Hand Reflexology

Here Are Some Great Health Tips!
You will find many others in Mildred Carter’s books.

Reflexology is beneficial to people of all ages.

Start Young. Reflex stimulation is good for youngsters as it helps to send a vital life force of energy to various parts of their growing body and brain.

Great for Mid-life, which is mainly controlled by various hormones. Reflexology targets relief to the endocrine glands and organs which manufacture hormones, keeping these important glands in perfect balance for restored good health.

Reflexology is especially beneficial for older folks as it rejuvenates the entire body, giving new life to glands and cells. Blood flow slows over the years, so naturally, glands and cells become sluggish. Stimulating a renewed flow of blood to these tired places, transferring new life, helping to clear out accumulated toxins, and reestablishing harmony and balance among body functions.

Reflexology in Nature
With the use of Reflexology you can open the door to health, vitality and the joy of living, regardless of your age.

Feel the difference Reflexology makes in your life!

Your Reflexes, How do they work?

There is a healing energy which circulates through the body on specific pathways, this energy is called Life Force, or Vital Energy. This is the force that the Chinese tap with their Acupuncture needles to bring health to the body.

Instead of using needles to tap this healing life force, you can use a simple and safe method by using your fingers to press and work certain reflex points or "buttons" located in your hands and feet which correspond to all your glands, organs and nervous system.
Reflexology on an outing
Man working on foot
Woman applying reflexology Where are Your Reflexes located?

The reflexes to the left side of your body are located in your left foot, and left hand. The reflexes to the right side of your body are in your right foot, and right hand.

When you feel a tender spot, you have found a reflex to an ailing organ. You should continue to work this sensitive spot gently but with sufficient pressure to gain relief.
How to Work a Reflex Button

Press the edge of your thumb on the reflex point. Press-and-roll it in a circular motion, as if you were trying to crumble a hard breadcrumb with your thumb.

Apply steady pressure as you slowly rotate your thumb. You need to give medium pressure on the reflex point for about seven seconds, ease up, and then press again.

If this reflex button is sore, it is telling you that the corresponding body part may be weak or in trouble. When a gland is not functioning properly, it will respond to the stimulation. However, the more serious the trouble, the longer it may take to heal.
Hand Reflexology
How to Promote Healing

Work your thumb across reflexes on all zones of your hands, or feet, to encourage currents of healing energy. Pressing and stimulating the reflex points will also benefit lymph flow and help the body fight off disease. Always work the pressure points on both hands, or both feet, for balanced energy. Pressing Reflex Points contributes to a sense of well-being.

Note: If you are feeling tired, your hands hurt, or you have trouble reaching your feet, use these remarkably effective self-help tools. (You can focus on "working the reflexes" rather than thinking "my hands are getting tired") Use these specialized devices and make Reflexology work for you! Designed to stimulate reflexes effectively to restore health and rejuvenate the body.

Searching for Tender Areas

Gently apply pressure on your fingers, starting at the tip of your thumb, then apply pressure to the pads of all your fingers. (If working on your feet, start with the large toes, and repeat on all other toes.)

Work all the way around each finger (or toe) and on down into the webbing between the thumb and index finger (toe). Work the reflexes in these areas until you find tender points.

Follow Slowly, and thoroughly, working the rest of each hand, around the wrist and up the arms, searching for tender areas. (Feet, ankles and up the legs.)

This stimulation will encourage healing energy to clear your mind and help your body release distress and tension. Stimulus also works out toxins and promotes natural healing.
Man with Rollo
Rollo in use
The little Rollo is great at searching out every tender reflex button in your body. You can use it on your hands, arms, bottoms of your feet, up your legs and anywhere on your body.
The "Rollo" is a wonderful tool when trying to stimulate renewed energy in the pathways to the adrenal and kedney...roll the device up and down, along energy zones, 3, 2, and 1. (Energy zones/channels, run longitudinally through the body.)

You can gain prompt relief from all types of aches and pains, with the aid of this specially designed, simple-to-use reflex tool.

Read more about the healing zones, (Zone Therapy) in Chapter 2 of Mildred’s book "Healing Yourself with Foot Reflexology".
Man with <i>Magic Reflexer</i>
The Magic Reflexer does a great job of applying pressure to these tender reflex points.
What Happens When You Find a Sore Spot?

When you find a tender reflex it may be a "signal" telling you of the presence of a malfunction in some remote gland or organ far removed from the sore reflex point.

By using your Magic Reflxer you can send a surge of healing energy to malfunctioning organs, for prompt relief of many conditions.

The stimulating power of this little device, on sensitive spots, will amaze you, as you immediately feel a stimulation of magnetic vitality surging through your body.

Balance Your Endocrine Glands.
Every individual owes his or her well-being to the normal functioning of their endocrine system. Reflexology will touch-off the spark needed to re-balance all these glands. They, in turn, promote proper functioning of every other part of the body, help to regulate blood pressure, heartbeat, produce needed insulin and adrenaline, and supply the body with extra energy.

How Reflexology Fights Fatigue

Man with Reflex Roller You can clap your hands, scratch your palms, or roll your Stirling-Reflex-Roller quickly between both hands. As reflexes are kneaded, a flow of energized, electrical life-force serges through the whole body, waking up cells and promoting renewed circulation to all energy zones.

Use your Stirling-Reflex-Roller to invigorate your body and renew your spirit.
Get up and Go with Better Circulation

With renewed circulation it is possible to overcome fatigue, and have more youthful energy. You can roll your Stirling-Reflex-Roller quickly under each foot to renew circulation. Place one foot on top of the device, and push it about ten inches forward, and then bring the roller backward quickly. To start, repeat 20 - 30 times on each foot. This works the longitudinal zones which run the length of your foot, from the heel to the toes. These zone pathways send a healing energy through the body. At the same time, take a few deep breaths to help move oxygen through your bloodstream.....this is a secret for dynamic living and abundant energy.
Reflex Roller on foot
Awaken circulation through your feet!

How To Relax

Tension and stress affects the health of our body in many ways, causing nervous exhaustion and mood changes, even increased blood pressure, heart problems and strokes. We hear complaints of digestive troubles, headaches, diarrhea, ulcers, and sleeplessness to name a few. Don't let stress make you sick.

Calming stress is a contribution to your good health! Reflex-stimulation is another great way to quieten your mind and feel peaceful.
It is easy to relax with the Stirling-Reflex-Roller. Place one foot on the center of the roller, roll the device very slowly under your foot for about five minutes. Then change feet, place the other foot in the center of the roller and repeat very slowly. This helps calm the mind and relax the body.

Get comfortable, and let your Stirling-Reflex-Roller do the work for you. Allow yourself to slow down and loosen up, in this way, you will significantly reduce stress!!!
Relaxation eases tension
Relax Tension

How to Reach Small Reflex Points with Ease

Reflex Probe reaches deep reflexes The Probe Easily Reaches Deep Reflexes. The Reflex Probe is great for those with weak or tired fingers. The sturdy wooden Probe can take the place of your fingers and keep your hands from becoming tired.

The Probe is very convenient when trying to find a pinpointed spot on yourself, or someone else. It is excellent for working small areas such as the toes, between the toes, and areas with thick skin such as the heels.

A Calming Technique

Fold your hands together, intertwine all fingers. Press fingers together, hold for seven seconds, and release pressure. Repeat several times. Take a few deep breaths, soon your nerves will relax. This will slow your heart rate, calm your jitters, and lower the level of stress hormones that could cause tension and illness.
Woman relaxing under an umbrella

Giving a helping hand
Helping others feels fabulous!
Many of us may find ourselves suffering from illness at one time or another; however, relief is probable. . . . .and prevention is on the way. . . . .

with Reflexology!

A few "Do's and "Don'ts"

DO... Become familiar with your reflex charts, study where the reflex buttons are located, and learn how to work reflex areas to restore your body to optimum health.

DO... Use the correct reflex techniques explained in Mildred's books to reactivate the body's natural process of healing, this way your recovery will speed up naturally.

DO... Use your reflex tools when your hands are tired, let them do the work for you, they will stimulate a burst of energy and help open up the internal electrical lines and allow the universal life force to flow freely through your physical structure.

DONT... overdo: Use caution and do not try to get well with a single treatment. Keep in mind that the body has taken a long time getting into its present condition, and you must be patient and give nature a chance to correct it. However, very often the improvement is so rapid that it seems like a miracle.

DON'T... exaggerate reflex work the first week. When you feel a tender spot, you have found a reflex that is connected to an ailing organ. Start out by "working" (massaging the reflexes) on each foot for about five minutes, using a rolling pressing motion. Every other day you can add two, or three minutes, to your Reflex workout.

WE DO NOT CLAIM... that Reflexology is a cure-all for every ailment, but neither is any other method. Nature has given us a marvelous gift with which we can relieve pain and suffering and bring renewed health to the body and we should make use of it in every way possible.

In Reflexology we find a safe, natural way to health and the techniques are so simple and harmless, they can be used by most anyone.

DON'T forget: You need to do Reflexoflogy with caution. Too much toxin flowing through the system at once can result in making one feel temporarily ill. Use these tips as reference material, all techniques and suggestions are to be used at the reader's sole discretion. The directions stated do not constitute the practice of medicine. Nor are they intended as claims for curing a serious disease, and are in no way to be considered as a substitute for consultation with a duly licensed doctor. Reflexology is not a substitute for medical care!

A fuller explanation of Reflexology, may be found in Mildred Carter's books:
  • Hand Reflexology - Key to Perfect Health

  • Helping Yourself With Foot Reflexology

  • Body Reflexology: Healing at Your Fingertips / aka...One Touch Healing
All written by the wonderful, sweet and caring Mildred Carter. In her books, she shares a lot of Reflexology information, as well as many health tips on nutrition, exercise, and beauty.

Tips for Sore Feet

When your feet are sore, first rest them, then restore circulation before walking again. You can do this by filling two large containers, one with hot water and the other with cold. Immerse your feet into the hot water for one minute; then into cold water for another minute. Repeat this six or seven times. Then, dry your feet briskly with a good hard rub to liven-up blood movement in the feet.

Exercise your feet. First elevate your feet, place on a foot stool and move your feet around and around: forward, sideways, backward, every direction they will move. Wriggle your toes up, down and all around.

Following the foot exercises you can do a therapeutic foot bath to eliminate toxins and for tranquilizing relief of aches and pains.

*Therapeutic Cellular Detox Bath is good for sore feet, bee stings, splinter infections and great for a complete body soak to eliminate cellular toxins and detoxify your body.

Purify your body from chemicals and pollution with the organic herbal extracts and pure essential oils. No artificial colors or fragrances added. Ingredients include: Pure Essential Oils of Lavender, Lemon-Grass, Cedar-Leaf, Fir, Peru Balsam, Extracts of Dandelion and Burdock Root, Vitamins A, C, E, Trace Minerals, and much more. Made in the USA, safe for spas, bath or individual hand or foot soak.

This is water therapy at its best. Add two or three capfuls of Cellular Detox to your bath water, or one capful in a bowl to soak, it will help open your pores and allow toxins to escape through the skin. This is a healthy way to loosen and dislodge impurities, sickness, and dead skin cells.

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Life’s great when you’re healthy!

Share your time and your personal Reflexology knowledge with others. You can help make their life healthier and happier!! You and your loved ones merit the best, and everyone deserves good health!

REFLEXOLOGISTS: Educate your clients with books and charts. . .send them home with self-help tools to use between treatments. The more they learn, the happier and healthier they will be.

In addition to professional reflex treatments. . .the self-help tools are a perfect complement to your therapeutic reflex work. Used daily (between treatments) a patient can use the tools to keep their circulation stimulated as well as assist in flushing out toxins until their next appointment with you.

RETAILERS: Wholesale prices are available to those who wish to help others with Mildred Carter’s books, tools and charts. We want everybody to know about this wonderful self-help method of natural healing. (If interested, ask for a wholesale price list.)

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