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Natural Wood Reflex-Roller, we call it our "Rollo"

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The Stirling Reflex Roller

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Reflex Comb & Metal Stimulation Brush

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Self-help Reflexology!

Thousands of people see professional Reflexologists. Nothing feels better than a relaxing foot or hand reflex treatment. These sessions with your favorite Reflex Therapist will help your mind and body release stress, anger, and tension. When your body is relaxed, it heals much faster.

You can still go see your favorite Reflexologist whenever you want. However, in between the sessions, you can use your reflex tools in the comfort of your own home to accomplish similar results. Use them whenever YOU NEED THEM.... No appointment necessary!

How can Reflex Tools Help?
1. Reflexology tools can help stimulate those hard to reach reflex points that are hidden under tough or callused skin.

2. If you have trouble using your hands or feet because of stiff or sore joints, these at-home Reflexology tools can help you apply pressure to important reflex areas.

3. Tired or weak fingers appreciate the help of sturdy reflex-tools.

4. Reflex tools are also used as therapeutic helpers for releasing tension, strengthening muscles and creating more joint flexibility.

Remember that reflexology and reflex tools do not take the place of medical care. Consult your Physician when in doubt concerning any health problem or treatment.

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