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Flexology Massage Balls...Makes you feel better. Helps Improve Energy and Well-Being

Each Massage Ball has 234 flexible spikes
H-02 Purple Flexology Ball    $7.99
H-02B Blue Flexology Ball    $7.99

Stimulate the flow of Chi energy...Traditional Chinese Medicine sees Chi as the body's "life force". Chi moves along bodily channels known as meridians. Blockage within these channels invariably results in un-wellness. Massage, acupuncture and reflexology are traditional mehtods of energizing and unblocking the meridians or energy channels. All are associated with specific organs and bodily functions.

Ways of stimulating, Energizing and Relaxing.
You can use at work by rolling your Flex Ball in between your hands in a circular motion.
At play
, just roll it along your spine, chest, arms, and legs.
Use at home...Sit comfortably and remove your shoes. Place a Flex Ball under each foot. Roll the feet in a circular motion. Apply even pressure.
Use after strenuous sports activity, just roll the Flex Ball along the leg and arm muscles. You will benefit immediately, and feel your muscles relax and unwind.
Professional massage therapists can use the Flex balls to work on specific areas, or as a convenient tool on occasions where skin contact is not desired.

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