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Reflex Combs
Specially designed Reflex Comb helps ease pain.

By pressing and holding, the strong teeth of this sturdy metal comb into the reflexes of your hand, pain or discomfort within the corresponding zones often decrease and will sometimes disappear completely.

Item # R-11 Reflex Comb $5.99
Item # R-112 Package of two Reflex Combs  ONLY $9.99

Metal Tipped Stimulation Brush Metal Tipped Stimulation Brush
R-48 Metal Tipped Brush   $6.99

This wire brush has accommodating rounded metal tips for comfortably stimulating body reflexes and improving circulation. Brush can be used to softly tap on head. Not necessarily for brushing hair...however, if you want to use it for your hair, it does a great job. Many use a separate brush for their dog or cat.

Using the Metal Tipped Stimulation Brush For best results, gently stroke, and then tap, over skin surface on scalp and body. Very sensitively, slide the rounded wire tips over hands; arms; feet and legs. Always work toward the heart. Have a friend work your backside, using soft sweeping movements up legs, buttocks, and over upper back to modestly encourage renewed circulation.

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