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Stirling's Magical "Tongue-Wand"
Cleans and freshens breath naturally.

The Stirling Tongue-Wand is safe and easy to use!

Stirling's Tongue Cleaning Wand is made of surgical stainless steel, and is open-ended to reach far back on the tongue without causing gagging. Oral hygiene is important to all family members, everyone should learn to clean their tongue along with flossing and brushing.

Royal Blue Handles

Bacteria's are the primary cause of bad breath! The far inside-end of the tongue is a harbor of bacteria that cause infections and bad breath. Bacteria that can spread to the nasal passage, throat, gums, and teeth. Now you can easily scrape off these bacteria's before they become a breeding ground for disease and embarrassing bad breath.

* Tongue cleaning removes bacterial compounds.
* Helps protect gums from periodontal disease.
* Removes infectious germs.
* Helps prevent tooth decay.
* Essential for smokers and those with colds.
* Helps control tooth stain from coffee, wine, etc.
* May even save you a dental bill.

Item # H-09B Tongue-Wand with royal blue handles $6.99   SPECIAL $5.99
Item # H-09P Tongue-Wand with hot pink handles $6.99   SPECIAL $5.99

Read more about these beneficial reflex tools and the Tongue-Cleaning Wand, in Mildred Carter's book, "Hand Reflexology: Key to Perfect Health."  


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