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Hand & Foot Reflexology Pressure Point Charts

Magic Reflexer

Natural Wood Reflex-Roller, we call it our "Rollo"

Reflex Probe

Reflex Clamps

The Stirling Reflex Roller

Theraputic Grip Ball

Reflex Comb & Metal Stimulation Brush

Reflexology Tool Package

Stirling's Magical "Tongue-Wand"

Skin Care

Health Care

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Item R-16C  Reflex Self-Help Tool Collection
Value $110.87

SPECIAL $74.99       Save $35!

  • This outstanding package of self-help Reflexology Tools and Charts will be very helpful for those who have tired, weak, or arthritic hands and fingers.

  • The Stirling Reflex Roller gives a great foot reflex-workout for those who cannot comfortably reach their own feet.

  • Some reflex tools will assist you in stimulating renewed circulation throughout energy zones, while others are invaluable for applying a firm, steady pressure on certain pressure points to help stop pain and speed recovery.

These extremely popular Reflexology products can be purchased separately, or all together in the “Tool Collection Package.”  In this package you will receive the self-help Reflexology Tools listed individually below.
R-06 Magic Reflexer
R-07 Reflex Probe
R-08 Rollo
R092 Two Reflex Clamps
R-0 One Dozen 0-Rings
R-10 Stirling's Reflex Roller
R-11 Reflex Comb
R-12 Reflex Tongue Probe
R-48 Circulation Brush
R-14F 8 1/2 X 11 Foot Chart
R-14H 8 1/2 X 11 Hand Chart
H-09B Blue Handle Tongue-Cleaning Wand
R-13 FREE Therapeutic Grip Ball
R-14M FREE Wallet Reflex Charts/bookmarks

R-16H Add-a-Book Bonus
Value $127.70

SPECIAL $88.99
Bonus: Just add $14.00 to above order, and you will receive the hardback book “One Touch Healing” with your R-16C order.

Bonus to the Reflexology Tool Package Add $14.00 to your Complete Reflexology Tool Package and Receive the hardcover book "One Touch Healing" with your order. (A total value of $140.82)
R-16H    Add-a-Book Bonus    
All for only $88.99

Self-Help Reflexology Tools

Used to apply pressure to deep reflexes, gives added force and capability to fingers and helps provide more strength for hands. Helpful instructions and a small reflex chart are included with each reflex tool.

Order $30.00 or more online and save an additional $3.00
      R-06             R-08

Benefits of Using Reflexology

* Stimulates healing energy
* Wonderfully invigorating
* Benefits lymph flow
* Renews stimulation
* Helps stop pain
* Boosts energy
* Helps speed recovery
* Reduces stress and tension
* Revitalizes circulation
* Improves sleep and relaxation
* A natural way to better health
* Feels fabulous!

Benefits of Using Self-Help Tools!

* Assists in stimulating reflexes
* Encourages longer reflex workouts
* Helps reach deep reflexes
* Gives added force & capability to fingers
* Provides more strength for hands
* Easy to use, anytime, almost anywhere
* Increases endurance and dexterity
* More power to revitalize reflex points

* Helps with treatment proficiency

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