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Reflex Gift Specials

Stirling's Reflex Gift Special
Item R-15     Savings Package     Value $64.92

SPECIAL $34.90

REFLEXOLOGY is Natures way to better health!

Discover the Benefits of Reflexology. What a gift.. it’s like getting a FREE Roller!!!

Exceptional Gift Combination Includes:
          * Popular hard-cover book... One Touch Healing.
          * Amazing best seller... Stirling’s Reflex Roller.
          * Two Hand & Two Foot... Reflex Charts

* Read this book and acquire knowledge of Reflexology techniques and other self-care healing methods. (Value $29.95)
* Use the Reflex-Roller to energize your body and promote cellular regeneration with renewed circulation. (Value $23.99)
* Make use of your charts to learn where your pressure points can be found. (Value $11.00)



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