Use Premium Drinking Water Filters for the clean, fresh water you deserve.

S-21 Premium 10 Stage Water Filter $129.99 Special $114.99
S-22 Premium 10 Replacement Filter $79.98 Special $69.98

Specially designed to filter out bacteriostat and heavy metals. Supplies superior quality of sparkling clear clean, fresh tasting water.
  • Fresh water and ice - Removes 99% of the chlorine and lead; eliminates 99.95% particulates, sediments, cysts, bad tastes and odors.
  • Inexpensive! Costs only pennies per gallon.
  • No pluming required - Attaches to standard faucets in seconds!
  • Comes complete and ready to use! Includes all necessary quick connect fittings. Requires no special plumbing. Reliable, no-leak operation.
  • Long-lasting - Lasts three times as long as the common carbon block filters (1,500 gallons versus 500 gallons). Good for 1 1/2 years of average use for a family of four.

Premium 10 Stage Water Filter is the most powerful filter, at the lowest price per gallon, and it's attractive enough to be on your counter.

It produces an endless supply of filtered water. No more heavy water bottles to lift, carry, and pay for every month. Did you know chemicals such as Chlorine are often added to large purification systems as a disinfectant. Also, when water travels up the pipes, it can pick up lead, sediments, and even bad odors. With the Patented Premium 10 Filter, all major contaminants are removed to below E.P.A. minimum levels.

Many doctors recommend we drink eight glasses of clean, filtered water every day to flush the toxins from our bodies, to help digestion, and to rebuild energy. Water helps systemize body temperature and provides cellular hydration. It even lubricates our tissues, our brain, muscles, joints, skin and intestinal system.

Is your water safe to drink??? You will know it is completely safe when you use the amazing Premium Water Filter, with the 10-stage filter cartridge because it is the best on the market!

  • With this water filter, you can have great tasting fresh-brewed coffee, tea, or juice.
  • Water for healthier cooking without chlorine, bad tastes, heavy metals, or pesticides.
  • Clean water for indoor plants aquariums, and pets that depend on you for their health.
Enjoy the Benefits of Chlorine-free Shower Water
S-122 Premium Shower Filter, Includes Cartridge
$42.99             Special $39.99
S-123 Replacement Cartridge
            Special $25.99

Chlorine does not belong on the skin, in the hair, eyes, or lungs!

Now, there is a simple and effective way to help remove this dangerous substance from your shower. The shower filter attaches easily to any standard shower line. Simply screw the filter onto your showerhead to eliminate over 90% of the harmful chlorine. Chlorine is a toxic element used to chemically disinfect water...but Chlorine strips protein from skin and hair, leaving it dry and itchy.

Filtering out Chlorine from your shower water will improve dry skin and hair, and reduce flaking scalp, irritated eyes, and lungs. (Chlorine exposure from showering is greater than the total exposure from drinking 8 glasses of unfiltered tap water each day!) Filtering also helps control bacteria and bathroom mold and mildew.

Replacement Filter cartridge insert is easily replaced and recyclable. Fits all showers.

No plumbing required: One high quality cartridge should last an average family of four, 12 months of non-toxic shower water. Next year just pop-in the replacement cartridge and continue to keep your family healthier, with softer feeling skin and hair.

When requested, Stirling will send you, with your order, this list of 40 dangerous water contaminants. They are listed below but may be hard to read.

The Premium 10 Stage Water Filter with activated carbon is the most powerful water filter, at the lowest price per gallon! Comes complete, ready to use and costs just pennies per gallon!

National Primary drinking water standards are legally enforceable standards that apply to public water systems. The below listed contaminants have been found in the nations water supply and legislation has passed that establishes maximum levels of these contaminants. To safeguard against these contaminants use a water filter with Activated Carbon.

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